Thursday, March 10, 2011

Civic Field Dirt Jumps Progress

(This post was originally written on Sunday March 6, 2011)

David told me that the dirt jump work crew got a lot done yesterday and he wasn't kidding! It turns out that David had a small, but committed group of guys that came out to sling dirt. Because it's early in the season and ground conditions are still very wet, the dirt was soft and easy to work. This made it possible to get an astounding amount done. The first three jumps for the large tables and the small doubles lines have been totally reworked. Both of these lines have also been moved closer together and to the 2nd doubles line. This should make it easier to transfer between jumps. Since the large tables and the small doubles lines now have exactly the same shape, it will also make it much easier for riders to go from jumping tables to jumping doubles. If you feel totally dialed on the tables, but you've never hit a jump, this will remove a lot of the variables to hitting a gap. You will be riding exactly the same jumps as the tables line (take-off, landing and length all the same) - only with now a gap in it! This should huge help with riders that have commitment issues with doubles jumps.

Also this week, Andy Grant put in some time on the big doubles line. This line had shrunk in height from settling over the past 6 months. My guess would be that we lost at least 6 inches off the top of the take-offs and landers for the last 3 jumps in the line since last season. These jumps got quite a bit of work in the spring last year, so some of the dirt was still a bit loose. (It's amazing how much settling you get even after thoroughly packing the jump by hand when it is built.) Anyway, the first jump after the turn got more dirt thrown on top as did the third after the turn and the last jump in the line (the "trick jump"). Andy also did some rough shaping to square of the tops of each jump. So now, you get some idea of how the final line will look, even though they're not smoothed out yet. The conditions are still too wet to do finally buffing, but with some dry weather and a bit of finish work they'll be good to go.

Thanks for all the hard work out there Andy, David and Saturday's work crew volunteers! And for those people that are interested in helping out, there will be many more opportunities to do so. There are a total of 23 workdays scheduled work days for Civic this year, with lots of different days and times to fit everyone's schedule. Come out and show your support for a fantastic park. I mean, how many towns do you know have their own dirt jump park with no fence around it, in the middle of town! All the work at the on the jumps is totally volunteer. So, we do need your help!

Check here for Civic Field Dirt Jump Work Schedule. 

Drew Vandergrind admiring work at Civic Field Jumps.

Right now conditions at the the dirt jump park are soft and wet. This makes working out there really easy, but it also makes the park vulnerable to damage. PLEASE DO NOT RIDE THE JUMPS THAT HAVE RECENTLY HAD WORK DONE TO THEM. PLEASE DO NOT RIDE THE JUMPS WHEN THEY ARE WET. This includes the all doubles jumps and the big tables line. When the jumps are ready, you'll see it here. If you see anyone out there riding these jumps, please ask them nicely to stop and politely explain why. 



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